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The Therapist

Daniela Amato, LMT, CMLDT

Daniela Amato is a veteran Massage Therapist of over 15 years. During her course of study at Somerset School of Massage Therapy, Ms. Amato was trained in Therapeutic Massage, Sports Massage, Anatomy, Physiology, and other related areas of study.

After graduation, Ms. Amato continued her training and became certified in Pre and Peri-Natal Massage and Mastectomy Massage and Manual Lymph Drainage, and is currently working on Medical Massage Certification. Other trained areas include Cryo-therapy, Foot Reflexology, Cold Stone Sinus Therapy, Ear Candling and Abdominal Massage (Ampu-Ku).

Daniela Amato is a skilled therapist that relies on her sensitivity and education to provide the best treatment for each individual client. Clients range from those seeking relaxation, body maintenance,area-specific treatments, migraine relief, and athletes requiring treatments to optimize performance.

Daniela has created a new treatment! Meditation Massage ™! This session encourages the mind and body to relax in a deeper meditative state, using music, gentle compressions, rocking, guided words, and the client's breathing pattern to achieve deep relaxation. The client will leave feeling completely relaxed and in-tune with their body. A truly holistic experience!

In addition to her state license, Daniela Amato is Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.

Together with her earned BSB/SBE degree, Ms. Amato hopes to advance her massage therapy business while benefiting her client- bringing healing and wellness to the world, one massage at a time!

The following services are offered at Healing Treatments Massage Studio:

  • Advanced Soft Tissue Applications for Neck- $120 per hour/$175 per 90 minutes
  • Ampu Ku (Abdominal Massage) - $100 per session
  • Cold Stone Migraine Therapy- $65 per session
  • Deep Tissue Massage- $90 per hour/ $130 per 90 minutes
  • Ear Candling- $65 per session
  • Foot Reflexology/Massage- $90 per 45 minute session
  • Hydrotherapy- $80 per hour/ $115 per 90 Minutes
  • Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)-$120 per session
  • Medical Massage- $120 per session
  • Meditation Massage™- $90 per session
  • Myofascial Release- $90 per hour/$130 per 90 minutes
  • Pregnancy Massage and Post Partum Healing- $100 per hour
  • Swedish (Relaxation) Massage- $90 per hour/ $130 per 90 minutes

Advanced Soft Tissue Applications for Neck: The use of pressure point therapy, myofascial techniques, stretching, deep tissue, craniosacral, and more to address the chronic pain and tension felt in the head, neck, and shoulders! Most pains felt in the back and neck are associated with issues in the musculature of the neck!

Ampu Ku: Focus on the core to release blockages and tension retained in the abdominal cavity and internal organs. Stimulates the detoxification process, relieves bloating, constipation, acid reflux and more! *Best when received on an empty stomach.

Cold Stone Migraine Therapy: The use of trigger point therapy combined with aromatherapy and Cold Marble Stones to relieve pressure and pain caused by Migraines. Techniques break-up sinus build-up; pressure is released with the cold applications to reduce inflammation.

Deep Tissue Massage: Relieves severe tension and pain in the soft tissues and connective tissues and fascia. Therapist pressure works through layers of muscle and tissue to uncover the deeply rooted adhesion. Deep Tissue therapy is subjective and communication with the therapist is crucial throughout the session.

Ear Candling: A non-invasive method to draw excess wax build-up, debris, pollen, and bacteria through the use of tapered, hollow candles. This ancient method is reported to bring relief from sinus pressure, chronic ear infections, and allergies.

Foot Massage/Reflexology: The feet are treated with essential oils pre-massage and during the treatment to enhance healing and boost relaxation. The session ends with hot stones rubbed on the feet to ensure complete relaxation.

Hydrotherapy: The application of either hot or cold to promote healing. Cold applications may be either ice or marble stones used to reduce inflammation, numb the affected area for deeper penetration, and confuse pain receptors to alleviate pain. Heat applications may be either hot steamed towels or basalt stones to soothe affected area with heat- melting away muscle stiffness and pain.

Manual Lymph Drainage: A gentle massage encouraging the natural drainage of the lymph system. Precise gentle pressure & circular movements enable the ebb & flow within your body to flush out toxins and excess proteins. Excellent choice post-surgery, during pregnancy, cellulite reduction, Sinus Issues, Fibromyalgia, sports injuries (concussions) and more!

Medical Massage: Chronic issues need specialized attention and techniques. A treatment plan will be created for your specific condition.

Meditation Massage ™: Reach a deep, relaxation through mindful breathing, gentle compressions, rocking, and guided words.

Myofascial Release: The firm manipulation of the soft connective tissues of the muscles to release pain and adhesions restricting movement. Long strokes and deep focused pressure held till release. The use of trigger point therapy is sometimes called upon to release points that cause pain in another area.

Pregnancy Massage and Post Partum Healing: Special care and attention is given to the expectant mother, including specific essential oils, positioning, and pressure. Post Partum Healing helps the new mom recover from the miracle of childbirth!

Swedish Massage (Relaxation): The most delicious in relaxation! Essential oils help soothe tired and achy muscles with long, nurturing strokes.

All sessions include the use of therapeutic grade essential oils to encourage and facilitate healing. There is never an additional charge for using essential oils or accessory use of stones.

Sessions are by appointment only.

Corporate Chair Massage Events may be booked in advance for Employee Appreciation days, fundraisers, or other events. Call for rates and availability.

Packages available to save up to 15% on your wellness sessions!