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I feel very relax , gets the stiffness from shoulders,also great on the foot massage "Excellent Job"

- Irma Soto 06/21/16

Amazing Massage

I could not have asked for a better experience with Daniela Amato. Our pre-massage consultation was informative and the massage I received was amazing. Daniela made me feel relaxed and comfortable from the moment I set foot in her studio. The massage was relaxing and extremely effective. I highly recommend her and will be returning ASAP.

- Mark Aquilino 05/18/16

Great Massage!

Daniela was excellent! She gave me a wonderfully relaxing massage and focused on everything exactly as we had discussed. The environment was incredibly relaxing and I enjoyed the experience very much. I can't wait to go back again.

- Marlene Machbitz 05/11/16

Hit the spot

Wonderful thorough massage with Great atmosphere

- Donna Doherty 04/27/16

Skilled Therapist

I had a wonderful massage with Daniela. The setting was very comfortable. She was very intuitive about the areas that needed attention. I have booked another massage and am looking forward to it!

- Susan Monfet 04/05/16

Great and relaxing massage!

I have seen Daniela for massage on a fairly regular basis for the past year.
It is always incredibly relaxing and effective.
Her studio is really nice and very comfortable.
She has ability to zero in on specific pain points if needed. I had really bad tightness in my neck and shoulder and after seeing Daniela yesterday I feel completely relieved from that tightness.
I would recommend her highly to anyone that is looking for a great massage.

- Andy Broderick 04/04/16

-The best She's amazing!!! She helped me, with my TMJ and swollen legs. She knows exactly how much pressure to give. I would highly recommend her and the atmosphere is Extremely relaxing. Thumbs up!! ~E Espinosa - Eileen Rice 04/02/16

-Very relaxing! I had received a Groupon for a massage with Daniela for Christmas and she was great. She was VERY friendly, caring and seemed to really care about my well-being. I felt extremely relaxed and at ease. I already booked my next session! - Dionna Rinaldi 03/17/16

-Amazing massage! This was one of the best massages that I have ever received. I felt so relaxed afterward! - Lisa Sang 02/20/16

-Gifted Therapist... I've had easily over 100 massages in my life - Daniela is the best of the best. She bases her technique on science and anatomy and uses the feel of each muscle to guide her pressure and touch. - Meg Shick 02/18/16

-There are no words... ...to adequately express the wonderful massage experience given by Daniela. Since this was my first session, I discussed in the beginning what areas on my body needed more attention (in particular my shoulders and glutes). She expertly applied the right amount pressure and by the end of the session I felt like a "new penny." Daniela has a great personality and is a very adept at discerning where to relieve stress. It is a total body experience, not to be missed, and I have happily booked another session! - Corliss Sprung 02/16/16

-Great massage therapist! I have been to many massage therapists in the past and Daniela is one of the very best! I have been coming to her for over a year now and she has helped me enormously! She is very professional and her massage always works out a great deal of the daily stress and strain. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for a wonderful massage. - Ellen 02/08/16

-Best massage Daniela was warm and welcoming and very in tune with my body and it was a super massage. - Rebecca 01/01/16 Excellent Masseuse Daniela Amato I would highly recommend Daniela. She is kind, intuitive, gentle yet firm and easy to talk to. - Catherine Watts 12/21/15

-Total Relaxation! Daniela gave me an amazing massage. I felt so great afterwards. She was very professional and is a seasoned masseuse! I can't wait to go back in January. - Carrolyn Nieto 12/18/15

-Massage Consultation My initial experience was a very pleasant one. I learned of Daniela Amato's spa per groupon and purchased a visit and was not disappointed. The studio was very warm and pleasant along with very clean. I find such attributes very important. The professionalism was appreciated and she seems very well versed in her profession. The massage itself was great and I had no complaints. The post massage consult was well appreciated. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone. So much so my wife has purchased me another session as a gift. I look forward to making my appointment - Felix Cartagena 12/13/15

-So great!! I was referred to Daniela by a close friend of mine and I was ectastic with the massage I received! Daniela goes above and beyond for her clients and wants to make sure that they are left relaxed and happy. The massage itself is fantastic but she also adds small touches (essential oils, etc.) to it that makes it truly special. I would definitely suggest going to Daniela for any massage or essential oil needs. - Ariana Merari 11/17/15

-Great Massage Daniela's studio is very thoughtfully laid out and decorated in an extremely professional and relaxing way... my massage was unrushed, intuitive and fantastic! Two thumbs up!! - Mark Bell 10/27/15

-Very Relaxing Great amenities and a peaceful vibe. Thanks! - Joseph Linares 10/26/15

-Starting over with a massage after 12 years Feeling great the morning after my first massage in over 12 years! Daniela was on point in assessing what my body needed and gracefully massaged me out of my acute anxiety. This morning I feel lean,elongated, calm and free. Her essential oils and gifted hands will see me again! - Claire Stevens 10/07/15

-Amazing Hands Daniela is very gentle and firm, she has amazing hands! You can tell she has a passion for what she does, and she takes pride in her business and products. I high recommend Daniela! - Arianna Robeson 09/18/15 massage therapy Great one hour massage. Calm soothing therapist. Lovely studio. Would highly recommend - Susan Yoo 07/23/15

-Daniela is a gifted masseuse! She gives a wonderfully stimulating, yet intensely relaxing massage. Daniela is particularly skilled at feet. - Susan Crowley 07/21/15

-massage gift Daniela was AWESOME. On time and waiting for me. We chatted comfortably about medical history and my expectations. Room was relaxing and beautiful. I was only unhappy with my groupon gift it had expired only recently and I had t pay the difference. I get it that it is a business but this was a gift from my husband and I couldn't tell him. Just makes me think twice to go back. Otherwise I would have booked a future massage. Just use yours on time the rest you will enjoy. - Debi Zarro 07/12/15

-Daniela was ready for me as soon as I arrived. I filled out a short form. She asked if I had any problem areas and we were ready to go. The studio is very soothing and clean. I felt relaxed immediately. The actual massage was very thorough from scalp to toes. I knew when she had found knots because she would stop and work them out. They were like speedbumps. Some of them were painful but considering how loose I feel this morning, it was worth it. She asked if the pressure was ok but I wanted those knots out so I decided to put up with a little pain. Afterwards, Daniela gave me time to get up and checked in on how I felt. She wasn't pushy about setting up the next appointment, handed me water, talked to me genuinely, and sent me on my way. I will be back and I plan to spread the word! - Natasha Patel 07/11/15

-A great massage! Daniela give a good thorough massage. She is very attentive to special needs and problems you may have. I love the customized essential oils she uses and I am looking forward to my next appointment. - Leslee Hanratty 06/18/15

-Jimmy Libman I like Daniela's way did wonderful job. She is so pure one! I recommend ... Even she is the best ever in my life. I went to different places are not so great. She heal my left side... I feel so great. Thank her is the best!. - Jimmy Libman 05/07/15

-AWESOME Daniela is an excellent masseuse! Her massage technique is incredible! Extremely relaxing and at the same token worked my knots! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND DANIELA TO ANYONE! Nancy L. - Nancy Lehrer 05/06/15

-Great Massage I had previously had a lovely relaxing massage here but today I needed a therapeutic one and Daniela did a great job. - Merry Bauer 04/28/15

-Excellent Daniela was excellent. It was my first time there and the best massage I have ever had. I will definitely be back! - Kristen Priolo 04/20/15 I would highly recommend her ! This is well worth the money. She was great - friendly and put me at ease. One of the best massages I have ever had. I would highly recommend her ! - Lydia 03/29/15

-One of the best massages I have ever had - thanks Daniela The deep tissue massage was wonderful. Daniela was mindful to check that the pressure was "just right". I left feeling so much better than when I arrived. A massage with a really good therapist is a real gift to myself. I am so glad that I purchased 3 massages - can't wait until the next one. PD - Peg Dougherty 03/02/15

-Wonderful Experience This was my first time visiting Daniela for a massage and I have to say I was thoroughly impressed. Since the massage I am feeling a lot more relaxed and at ease and I am making sure to do the recommended stretching exercises Daniela showed me. I look forward to booking more massages. - Chris Ozoniak 02/19/15

-Excellent experience! Daniela's office is tranquil and beautiful. You feel like you are worlds away. I have gotten 2 full body massages and she is amazing. She really listened and worked on some trouble spots, which after her massage have felt a million times better. She is an excellent Masseuse. - Claudia Borth 02/05/15

-Marvelous Massage Had one of the best massage I have ever had. Soothing and warm atmosphere. Excellent aromas. Highly skilled hands. Do not hesitate. Book a massage now. - Juliana Atinaja 01/30/15

-Very Good I really enjoyed my first massage with Danielle. Her new office is as luxurious as any top quality spa. Her treatment was professional, relaxing and therapeutic. I would highly recommend her. - Jennifer DeLorenzi 12/05/14

-Daniela is the best! Nice place, very quiet and comfortable, Daniela gave a great massage, I felt so much better after seeing her! - Michaela Mouravski 11/25/14

-I Finally slept thanks to Daniela! After my first massage at Daniela's quite oasis with luxury Spa atmosphere, she was able to relieve all my neck and upper back tension. I have not been able to get any amount of restorative sleep in months, but Daniela gave me 8 1/2 hours of deep amazing restful sleep. She knew what essential oils to use for my problem areas. Looking forward to my next appointment in 2 weeks. Pristine clean rooms and tranquil decor add to your total blissful experience. - Barbara Ann Stock 11/19/14

-Daniela is fabulous! I am a long-time client of Daniela's and highly recommend her. She provides a perfect combination of relaxing and therapeutic massage that leaves you feeling like melted butter afterwards! She is excellent at working out knotted muscles with just the right amount of pressure. She is the best! - Mimi Michalski 10/23/14

-Best experience ever The ride to the studio is Very pleasant. Then wen u walk in the studio u instantly receive a sense of peace tranquility. The aroma from the essential oils that r used r very calming soothing n pleasant. The over all experience was my best. Wonderful studio, wonderful therapist. Wonderful experience. - Jorge Diaz 10/19/14

-Great Massage She worked on my problem areas and I can't wait for my next appointment. - Gary Glass 09/28/14

-attentive and personal I came to Daniela with specific problems, and she devoted most of her attention to those, while adding necessary areas in order to make my whole experience beneficial, healing, and wonderful. - Amy Whitmer 09/26/14

-Excellent Massage Therapist! Recently, I had my first massage session at Healing Treatments Massage Studio in Verona, NJ...and it was AMAZING! From the moment I entered the Zen-Like setting of the studio, to the time I said good bye, the entire experience felt like being on a much needed vacation! Daniela is just awesome...and very professional. I really felt like she cared. She took her time and made sure that she focused on my problem areas (back/sciatic) with precision - and even though my session was only an hour, it felt as though I had been there for longer - which I definitely appreciated. I was also surprised to receive so much feedback on how I could utilize certain techniques to help with my back, between sessions. I've already booked my next appointment with Daniela at Healing Treatments Massage Studio...and I would recommend anyone to do the same! R. Davis - Robert Davis 09/20/14